The Organizations

The Organizations

Regroupement Information Logement

The RIL a community-run organization, operated by the residents of Point Saint Charles. The group’s goals are to improve housing conditions, maintenance of the traditional population of the neighbourhood  – blue collar workers – and to promote a pro-active movement for the residents of the neighbourhood, to uphold certain standards of living, safety and housing conditions in the area. #RIL

PROJET Saint-Charles aims to defend the rights of the tenants of the community, as well as continuing the fight of maintaining good living conditions for low-income housing. To this day, the organization plans on moving forward to continue building more social housing in the community. #RIL

Some of the goals and information of the Regroupement Information Logement :

·  The RIL Point Saint Charles, is a not-for-profit organization that strives to improve the living conditions of Point Saint Charles residents. #RIL

The RIL Point Saint Charles:

  • is run by members of the Point Saint Charles Community. #RIL
  • has helped more than a thousand different families find affordable homes since its foundation. #RIL
  • contributed to the actualization of 85% of the self-run social housing establishments in Point Saint Charles. #RIL
  • has the present goal of helping to establish 1000 more low-income units in Point Saint Charles. #RIL

Carrefour D’éducation Populaire de Pointe Saint-Charles

The McGill archives holds minutes of various meetings held by the executive committee of the Carrefour D’éducation Populaire de Pointe-Saint-Charles (1984). To enrich our understanding of this organization’s contribution to PROJET St-Charles, here are exerpts from various meetings:

May 30th, 1983

  • Meeting notes the success of a parade held in Point Saint Charles earlier that day, to stimulate support from the community as well as outsiders.

May 28th, 1984

  • Evaluation of the success of the solidarity funds’ sales to raise money for Projet Saint Charles.
  • 1200$ was raised to give to Projet St- Charles.
  • A silent auction was held. Various members commented that it did not go as well as they would have liked, but they still considered this donation to Projet St-Charles to have been sizable, and worth their effort.

April 30th, 1984

  • St Gabriel church on Centre Street was used for fundraisers such as selling solidarity funds.

The sales of solidarity funds were organized from time to time to raise money. At the April 30th, 1984 meeting, the following was noted:

  • The committee thinks that this is a great idea. Previously, they have even approached other groups to perform similar activities. The organization wants to give the proceeds of the sales to the Projet St. Charles  “que pour nous le project St- Charles c’est notre survie.”

Clinique Communautaire de Pointe Saint-Charles  

The Clinic offers a number of different services, which have been offered to the community since the late 1960s. These services include help in finding low-income housing for families that need it. The Clinique also serves as a link to other useful resources for community members. Some of the resources offered on their site to help those in need of low- income housing include:

  • Bâtir son quartier – Groupe de ressources techniques
  • RIL information
  • Alternatives communautaires d’habitation et d’intervention de milieu (ACHIM) – 50 ans et plus.

Saint Columba House

Saint Columba House would hold fundraisers of all different types to raise funds to support low- income housing projects. #ColumbaHouse

  • Theatre nights
  • Bingo games
  • Community dinners

Point Saint Charles is a low-income neighbourhood with a rich history of innovative community organizing, much of which involved or was led by Saint Columba House. Saint Columba House continues to provide leadership within the community, seeking to promote empowerment and involvement of local citizens in actions and campaigns that directly affect their lives. As the community currently faces serious housing, economic and environmental problems, Saint Columba House strives to help residents have a voice in the future development of this vibrant neighbourhood, as well as within the wider society.” #ColumbaHouse


Community and Citizen’s groups and movements

In Point Saint Charles, citizen’s groups founded service organizations like the local Carrefour D’éducation Populaire (1967), the Clinique Communautaire de Pointe Saint Charles (1968) and the Aide Juridique (1970) as neighbourhood-focused and -controlled alternatives to the services provided by the state. #Vickers2013

Point Saint Charles residents also organized around several English language organizations such as Saint Columba House (run by the United Church) and were active in the Greater Montreal Anti-Poverty Coordinating Committee. #Vickers2013

In 1983, a Point Saint Charles committee assigned to develop a neighbourhood reaction to impending gentrification presented their plan to the local organization in charge of housing. Their Plan de Travail, was put together by six citizen representatives, two housing professionals and three members of the Clinique Communautaire. The final document described the building of 500 co-operative housing units in all. #Vickers2013